Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Mugs

Mary Tavy Parish Council has purchased 100 mugs to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee. We’d like to distribute them to any child aged 12 years and under who is resident in Mary Tavy parish. If you’re able to attend the Platinum Picnic on the afternoon of Sunday 5th June at the Coronation Hall, you can collect your free mug then.

If you’re unable to come to the picnic on the 5th but would like a mug, please contact either Paul Reid () or Bev Ross () and we’ll see how we can arrange delivery or collection.

In truth, it’s been difficult to determine how many children under 12 live in the parish. If we have some mugs left over, older children will be welcome to have one.

Please feel free to share this message with anyone who qualifies but may not be on Facebook.