40 mph Speed Limit On The A386 Around The Mary Tavy Inn/Lane Head Junction: Progress!

We are pleased to report that Devon County Council have officially approved the Parish Council’s request for a 40mph speed limit on the A386 around the Mary Tavy Inn junction. The decision was taken at the DCC Cabinet Meeting held on 14th June. The 40mph limit will replace the current National Speed Limit (60mph) on this stretch of highway.

A site visit was made in May by the DCC Cabinet Member for Highway Management along with County Councillor Philip Sanders and Highways Officers (including the Road Safety team). They all supported the proposed speed limit of 40mph, overturning the initial Highways recommendation that no reduction in the speed limit was necessary.

The scheme will be delivered pending suitable funding being identified and once identified, the works will be added to the Traffic Order programme with delivery likely in 2024/25.

In plain language this means that we should get the speed limit reduced to 40mph in 2024/25! The Parish Council will maintain a dialogue with DCC Highways to ensure the change is made as soon as is practicable.

The current Parish Council would like to thank the previous Parish Council for pursuing this issue, the people of Mary Tavy for supporting it and completing the petition and the owners of the Mary Tavy Inn for providing CCTV images that highlighted the dangerous nature of this stretch of road.  Thanks also go to Terry Pearce (the then West Devon Borough Councillor) for his support as well as to Devon County Councillor Philip Sanders and the West Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC).