Mary Tavy Parish Council Public Meeting

The Parish Council will be holding a public meeting starting at 7pm on Thursday 2nd February. This will take place at the Coronation Hall in Mary Tavy.

We will use the meeting to discuss 2 main topics:

  • Highways, roads and traffic issues. In particular we will be looking at the successes and challenges we have had working with DCC Highways Dept. over the last few years. This is also an opportunity to discuss and identify future Highways-related needs in the parish.
  • The future of the Parish Cemetery. Space in the current cemetery is running out and we need to decide whether we continue the search for land for a new cemetery or whether we stop interments in the parish once the current cemetery is full.

The meeting will also provide the opportunity for people to chat with councillors over a cup or tea or coffee and to raise any issues they may have.

Elections for a new Parish Council will take place in May this year. If you have ever thought about becoming a councillor, the meeting will be an excellent opportunity for you to find out more about the role of a parish councillor.