Parish Council Elections

Have you ever thought about being a parish councillor? Elections take place in May this year to elect councillors for the next 4 years.

There are 9 councillors on Mary Tavy Parish Council and it would be great if we had more than 9 people wanting to stand. That way we can have a proper election. If there are 9 or fewer “volunteers” all will be elected unopposed rather than letting the voting public decide who they want on the council.

You might be wondering what skills and qualifications are needed to become a parish councillor and what a parish councillor does. I must confess, I couldn’t have told you until I thought about standing 4 years ago.

In simple terms, the most important thing is that you have an interest in making life better for residents of the parish. You don’t have to give speeches, you don’t need to be a lawyer or a computer wizard…just someone who cares and wants to get things done as part of a team. Should you become a councillor, you’ll have the support of the Parish Clerk and other councillors as well as the opportunity to do a few short training courses that will help you become more effective.

If you’re interested, why not come along to our public meeting at the Mary Tavy Coronation Hall, starting at 7pm on Thursday 2nd February? You’ll be able to hear about some of the things the current council has been up to and you can have an informal chat to one or more of the councillors over a cup of coffee to find out more about being a councillor. We’re a decent bunch…we don’t bite and we like to think we’re approachable, normal people.

If you can’t make the public meeting, why not contact a councillor or the Clerk for a chat? Councillor contact details are on our website at You can get in touch with our Clerk at

Here are a few key dates:

  • You will need to complete a simple nomination paper that must be handed in in person at the WDBC offices at Kilworthy Park in Tavistock between 23rd March and 4th April. Don’t sign and date the nomination paper before the 5th March or it won’t be valid.
  • On the 5th April the names of all nominees will be published and we will know if there will be an election or not. If there are 9 or fewer nominees for councillors every candidate will become a councillor.
  • If there are more than 9 nominees there will be an election. This will be held on Thursday 4th

Nomination forms and more information can be obtained from our Parish Clerk. If you want to be a nominee but are unable to hand in the forms in person, our Clerk will be able to present them on your behalf. Nomination forms cannot be mailed in but must be delivered by hand.

Paul Reid

Chair, Mary Tavy Parish Council