Register NOW! Beating the Bounds on Saturday 12th August

On Saturday 12th August at 9am; Beating the Bounds will be setting off from St. Mary’s Church.

Please register on the form attached below and return to   or we’re afraid you won’t be able to participate on the this fantastic day out.

The route has been split into three sections.

Full boundary. Starting and ending at Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 27km

(16 Miles)

Medium course. Brinsabach to Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 16km

(10 Miles)

Short course. Lydford Station to Tavy St Mary Church – approximately 9.5km

(6 Miles)

Those wishing to take part in the full boundary walk will start at 9am from Tavy St Mary on Church Road. Transport to the start of the medium and short courses will be provided. Times to be confirmed.

The Great News is Lunch will be provided and all so there will be a Barbecue at the end for all the Walkers, 5pm at the Coronation Hall.

Hope to see you all there!!