The Mary Tavy Reading Rooms

The Reading Rooms were built as a centre of relaxation, education and recreation for people of Mary Tavy Parish. The land on which it was built was given by deed of gift by Mr. Henry James, a resident of Mary Tavy on 6th Sept 1909.

It was built by Mr. C. Doidge, founder of Doidges of Tavistock. The opening was a grand affair with a brass band from Brentor playing on the grass outside.

There was a comprehensive library and newspapers were delivered daily. In the 1950’s it almost became derelict, but thanks to local residents it was revived as a recreation centre again, and the funds were raised to repair the billiards table.

A generous legacy for the up keep of the rooms was left by a local resident and this is administered by nominated trustees.

The rooms are still in regular use. Snooker and Billiard matches are a regular happening, also available are a dart board and table tennis. It is also used by the Parish Council for its monthly meetings, all of which help to finance its upkeep.

Considerable voluntary assistance, helps to maintain the grounds and the general cleaning within the building.