Mary Tavy has an active group of Speedwatch volunteers who carry out speed monitoring operations in the parish. At present, the focus is on traffic using the A386 that runs through Mary Tavy. We have monitoring sites in the 30mph and 40mph zones. The group can choose the locations, day and time of any session so that drivers are never sure whether they will be monitored when travelling through the village.

Community Speedwatch is actively supported by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The Mary Tavy group is also helped and encouraged by members of the Tavistock-based Police Force.

Speedwatch is primarily seen as a deterrent: volunteers are visible and record traffic data using a calibrated radar device. This is intended to remind drivers to drive safely and within the speed limit. However, the group is not without teeth: drivers exceeding the speed threshold of 34mph in a 30 zone or 45mph in a 40 zone have their details (speeds, registration data, car make and model) recorded and forwarded to the police.

In Devon & Cornwall there is currently a 3-staged warning system applied to the drivers we report. The first two warnings advise the registered keeper of the vehicle to advise the driver to drive within the advertised speed limit, whilst giving a warning that further incidents could result in the vehicle details being forwarded for consideration of further action. The third letter confirms that vehicle details now been forwarded for consideration of further action.

By reporting speeding drivers, we have also allowed the police to identify those driving without tax or a valid MoT.

You can find out more about Community Speedwatch here. If you’d like to join the Mary Tavy group please contact Paul Reid at

We will be giving summaries of Speedwatch results on this page on a regular basis. Please see the attachments below for summaries.