How To Report A Pothole On Roads In Devon

With winter not too far away it’s a good time to report any potholes that meet Devon County Council Highways Dept intervention criteria.

If a pothole is on a road maintained by Highways and is over 40mm deep, over 300mm wide and has a steep side then Highways should put it on their list for action. A full description of potholes that meet their criteria can be found at:

If you think a pothole meets these criteria you can report it at: . Once on this website, you can drag the map to centre over the area with the pothole and then zoom in until the map is expanded sufficiently to drop a “pin” at the location of the pothole. You will then be asked to provide details, including photos if available. By entering your contact details on the report, you will be kept up to date on the assessment and any action that is scheduled. Should you find the pothole has already been reported by someone else, you can still add your contact details & so be kept up to date on any actions.

SAFETY NOTE: PLEASE do not endanger yourself or other road users when gathering details of any pothole. It is better to estimate the size of a pothole from a safe location and report it without photos than to risk an accident, injury, or worse by being on an active highway.