Survey Results (Wilding, Tree Planting and Cemetery Extension)

Mary Tavy Parish Councillors thank all those who attended the drop-in meeting on Saturday 20th November and all those who took the time to complete the survey forms. The survey forms were attached to the flyers that advertised the meeting and so were received by almost every property in the parish.

Approximately 400 flyers and survey forms were distributed but only 45 survey forms were returned; in electoral terms a “turnout” of only around 11%.

3 questions were asked in the survey, requesting a response on wilding in the parish, tree planting in the parish and the need for an extension to the current cemetery. While parish councillors still need to examine the detail of the answers, we can report the responses to the main questions. The responses were as follows:


1/. Wilding: Do you think the sowing seeds of native wild flower in selected areas of the parish is a good idea? Answers were:

YES: 37                 NO: 6                    NO OPINION:  2


2/. Tree Planting: Do you think the planting of native species of trees in the parish is a good idea? Answers were:

YES:  39                NO:  4                   NO OPINION: 1


3/. Cemetery Extension: The existing cemetery is getting full. If suitable land can be found, should parish funds be spent on an extension? Answers were:

YES:  30                NO:  8                   NO OPINION:  7


The results of the survey and future actions will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council. This will be on Tuesday 14th December at the Reading Rooms, beginning at 7.00pm.