Road Safety and Speed Limits Near the Mary Tavy Inn

Many people consider the junction at the Mary Tavy Inn to be very dangerous and that a 40 mph speed limit from the “Welcome to Mary Tavy” signs to the current 30mph limit is justified. Mary Tavy Parish Council has asked on many occasions that a 40mph limit is put in place but, to date, the authorities do not consider this stretch of road merits such a limit. The Parish Council would like to compile a diary of accidents and near misses over several months to get a clearer picture of the problem and, if appropriate, use this to argue for road safety improvements.

We welcome reports of accidents and near misses around the A386/Lane Head junction (adjacent to the Mary Tavy Inn) so that as complete a listing of incidents as possible can be compiled. Please send details of such incidents (time, date, nature of the accident or incident, weather conditions, type of vehicle(s) involved) to the Parish Clerk at . For data protection purposes you should not record or send registration plate or photographic details.